Monday 19 February 2018

Ivor Roberts: Germany needs Europe to grow for its own sake

Voters are reflecting the unsettled mood across the eurozone, says Ivor Roberts

There's an old jibe about the best argument against democracy being five minutes' conversation with the average voter. Well it's pretty clear that average voters in France and Greece are having their five minutes of irrational behaviour.

They don't like austerity; they only want growth. So they've voted for those who've promised to turn their backs on austerity and to embrace growth.

After successive failures by all party leaders in Greece to form a government -- with the mainstream parties refusing to tear up the bailout agreement they'd signed with the IMF and EU only weeks ago -- it seems inevitable that the Greek president will have to call new elections in the hope that the Greek electorate, having let off steam, will produce a parliament which can run the country and not run it into the ground.

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