Friday 23 March 2018

Ivor is far from home and dry -- wherever home is

Lise Hand

Lise Hand

WHAT does the recorded message on Senator Ivor Callely's answering mac-hine say? "Sorry I'm not at home right now, but you can contact me at my residence. Unless you're calling between September and December when my residence is at the other house. Or I might be at my constituency office, which is at the other end of the country from my residence, eh, home"?

Oh there was ferocious confusion in the committee room in Leinster House yesterday. On one side of the room sat a panel of his fellow senators, all wearing expressions that ranged from befuddlement to embarrassment to downright scepticism. On the other side, Ivor sat all on his ownio, surrounded by a hefty pile of papers, and sporting a countenance of puzzled sorrow.

Ivor was going to explain everything. The how and the why he had racked up expenses claims of up to €80,000 from his holiday home in west Cork would become crystal clear.

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