Thursday 22 February 2018

Ivan Yates: As Ireland emerges from bailout, the 'haves' don't care about 'have-nots'

Ivan Yates

Ivan Yates

As a child, I would sit in fascination to watch our cats on the back kitchen windowsill. After enjoying saucers of milk, they would contentedly spend hours licking themselves and then each other clean.

Tomorrow, the Government will formally hail the end of the bailout programme. Set-piece events have been organised to allow government leaders to lick themselves with self-praise on restoring economic sovereignty, emerging from the darkness, dispensing with the troika, ending the recession -- blah, blah, and more complacent blah.

Remember the 'Five Point Plan'? It was Fine Gael's simplified promise sheet to encapsulate their pre-election pledges in 2011. FG's US campaign consultants deemed that policy manifestoes were never read. Something catchier was required. These were the same guys who dreamt up the "sign the contract" mantra in 2007. At every available stump opportunity, Enda Kenny repeated them ad nauseam.

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