Saturday 24 March 2018

It's your money they're taking in fines and fees, so demand it back

The banks have got enough money out of us, so it's worth fighting them over every cent, writes Eilis O'Hanlon

For young children, wondering what monsters are lurking under the bed may be the biggest terror. Adults face a much more terrifying prospect: finding out what's lurking in their bank statements. Sometimes it's best not to know. Just go to the ATM and if it lets you withdraw some money, phew, it's relief all round until the next time. If it doesn't, panic.

Recently my card was refused. Realising I could no longer postpone the onerous task, I sat down and went through the unopened statements that I had left lying around for months, afraid to look at them for fear of finding that my financial situation really was as bad as I suspected, in the course of which I discovered one particular charge that had been slapped on to my account for something called an "advice fee".

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