Friday 24 November 2017

It's vital we all agree to take one for the team

We must create a structure that allows those people struggling with mortgage debt to stay in the economy, writes Brendan O'Connor

I SEE The Irish Times has given up. And on Monday it asked us all to give up, with a long howl of despair from Morgan Kelly.

Kelly's message was essentially that we're all screwed, there's no answer to it and now I don't wish to discuss it any further, so I won't be going on any radio shows or engaging in any discussion about it. Oh yeah, and you might as well get in now and stop paying your mortgage, because once everyone is doing it it will be fine.

As it reverberated around the country and to the Irish abroad by email, Kelly's howl of despair dragged everyone down with it. I've lost sleep over it, have you? And more so because many of the people who know everything tell us that Kelly's track record so far has been impeccable. Even the girly excitement about the arrival of Olli Rehn couldn't get us over Morgan's Howl. Morgan has seen the best minds of our generation ruined by the madness of the Celtic Tiger, and now he is wrecking our heads with it too.

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