Monday 19 February 2018

It's time to boot whining Greens out of power

Gormley's latest bizarre outburst was telling of his party's failure to produce in government, writes Daniel McConnell

NO wonder John Gormley is stressed out. Realising you're a political failure would do that to anyone.

In truth, he should be ashamed of himself. He and his band of deluded and misguided eco-warriors have done more damage to this country in recent weeks than many thought possible, and showed why they are undeserving to hold high office.

John Gormley's outrageous fit of pique in the Dail last week, in which he compared being in cabinet to an asylum, is the latest episode in a series of self-absorbed indulgent wallowing by the junior coalition party, which, with any luck, will be entirely wiped off the Irish political landscape at the next election (which it called for, but more of that anon).

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