Saturday 24 March 2018

It's not about scapegoats, it's about architects of chaos paying their bill

The sorry situation in which we find ourselves is not just down to a small number of reckless men, says Brendan O'Connor

BY Thursday, Brian Cowen was the scapegoat. The Irish Times and the rest of them had rounded on him. He had gone for dinner with Seanie Fitz, he had been the Minister for Finance, and he had been there when the bank bailout was decided. And what was worse, he got shirty when he was accused of treason.

Other people were probably just glad the heat had moved on to Cowen. The Cowen treason thing happened on Wednesday afternoon. That morning, one newspaper was calling for Seanie Fitz and Fingers to be shot.

And you wouldn't blame us for being furious. Not only are we being asked to pony up for other people's insanity, we are being asked to pony up on the double. As we shovel the millions into AIB, it is telling us that we need to give it more for our mortgages, that it will be putting them up by 1.5 per cent this year, and that's without any increases in the ECB rate. So here's a bank. It's yours now, you're paying way over the odds for it, but you won't enjoy any of the perks of owning a bank.

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