Wednesday 21 March 2018

It's efficiency we need, not a 'radical' reshuffle

The people are crying out for real leadership from Brian Cowen, not power-plays to shore up FF support, writes Alan Ruddock

RADICAL reshuffle or deckchair shuffle? Rejuvenated Government or same tired faces? Not for the first time Brian Cowen's handlers are promising that their man is going to deliver decisive leadership, and not for the first time there will be little surprise if he fails to live up to their billing.

Those with a short memory, or those whose eyes simply glaze over whenever big ideas are rolled out, may not recall the address to the nation that was meant to come almost two years ago (instead the best we got was a late-night, low-key address to a Chamber of Commerce function); or the public sector reform that has been promised ever since Cowen first went to the Department of Finance; or even the smart new green shiny economy that spawned a 105-page report more than a year ago.

Cowen's people can do the build-up -- the roll of the drums, the leak to political correspondents -- but their master does not follow through. The mood music, though, was building once again last week as Cowen and his coalition partners tried to extricate themselves from two weeks of unrelenting awfulness.

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