Wednesday 14 November 2018

It's all too easy to simply blame the last guy in the job

After Brian Lenihan's attack on his old boss, Brendan O'Connor feels we're tipping the wrong brother for the top job

So the Government is massively out of touch with the people -- and all its might, and all the might of Cowen, couldn't get a simple 'Yes'.

As much as the 'No' vote is a bit of a shocker, the fact that this Government is out of touch with the people is no real surprise. This is the culmination of a rot that has been festering for quite some time. And, like everything that's going on in Fianna Fail and this Government right now, Bertie Ahern is key to it all. Here's a story that illuminates it all very well.

Probably like most of you, I found myself going along with the general consensus that Brian Lenihan Jnr would be Taoiseach some day. Lenihan seemed tough, upright, intelligent, well spoken, human, all the kind of things that would make him suitable for the job.

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