Sunday 25 February 2018

It wasn't economic policy which ended the slump of the 1930s but the Second World War

Kevin Myers

Isn't it quite wonderful that the governments of the world, which are clearly incapable of breaking the recession-slump that is sucking us to perdition, are nonetheless certain that they can reverse global warming? They have proved their utter ineptitude at coping with tangible, man-made phenomenon, the global economy: yet this doesn't prevent them from telling us they can solve a problem which is even deeper and longer term, and might not even be man-made.

I'll accept for the purposes of this discussion that global warming is a reality, and that it is primarily caused by man, rather than by the sun. But I will not accept that that any of the global-warming conferences, which are always held at the end of long first-class flights in places with beaches and cathedrals and good restaurants and opera houses, have actually lowered the amount of carbon dioxide anywhere. We know that all the alleged "targets" have actually only been to diminish the INCREASE in carbon dioxide output: which is like saying to your teenage son, it's fine that you're driving at 100mph, and it's even fine that you're still accelerating -- just so long as you don't add more than 10mph every minute to your speed for the first minute, and then 9mph for the next minute, and so on. So how long does it take to get the car back to 100mph, which is of course still a lethal speed?

Never, is the answer.

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