Friday 15 December 2017

Is breastfeeding best for both mother and baby?

It is a creepy culture that reduces breasts to 'fun bags', writes Rowan Pelling

No topic is liable to prompt a fist fight among mothers so rapidly as breastfeeding. Women who bottle-feed are often accused of lacking maternal instinct, while those who lactate beyond the three-year mark are viewed as hessian-clad feminists.

The last time I wrote on the topic, saying that while I subscribed to the view that breast was best it was counter-productive to bully women on the topic, I received a torrent of abusive mail.

Several people suggested that I should not have reproduced if I "couldn't be bothered" to feed the baby myself, while one New Man denounced my laziness, saying piously that he had "made sure my wife persevered for our child's good".

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