Saturday 24 February 2018

Irishness can truly be a many splendoured thing

No-one should be allowed to set bounds to our definition of what it means to be Irish, writes Ruth Dudley Edwards

HAVING only a short time at home between long journeys last week, I scanned the bulging email inbox with a ruthlessly discriminating eye for what was important and/or urgent. Low curiosity, however, drew me instantly to a message from an unfamiliar address ( which had the irresistible subject line: 'You are an evil crank.' I enjoy communications like that.

Mr/Ms Littlehouse had, I think, found my email address on my website, where he/she had presumably been perusing various articles he/she deemed offensive.

"Your words against the unification of Ireland show you to be a vile shrill witch," he/she said. "I think you should stay of [sic] Ireland since you are not really Irish anyway. Stay in London and write the kind of English tripe you have been slobering [sic] out for so long."

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