Friday 19 January 2018

Irish MEPs' outburst smacks of Euro-loving self-deception

In her next defence of Europe, will Avril Doyle remind the UKIP of 1798? Will Brian Crowley lecture them on Terence MacSwiney?

Do you know, I never, ever thought for a single second in the merry whirligig that has been my journalistic career that I would find myself writing repeatedly about the European Parliament, and moreover, not merely without compulsion, but even loving it! It's a funny old world. Actually, it's a funny old Euro-world.

The truly wonderful thing about professional Europhiles is that they do not register what they're actually saying; nor do they possess any sense of the ridiculous, which of course enables them to say what they say. In their cosmos, wherein all argument must lead down the one path to Rome (or in this case, Lisbon), they permit no counter-argument, also known to European history as "heresy".

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