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Irish junkets

In one of those linguistic manoeuvres beloved of bureaucrats, the agency replacing FAS is to be called 'Solas'; the Irish for 'junket', meanwhile, remains 'juncaed'.

Chinese burn

Primary school teachers are so 'uncomfortable' with homophobic bullying among young students that they require in-service training on how to confront the issue. Bullying is bullying, and should be treated accordingly. It's the height of foolishness to allow the terminologies or tactics deployed by the bullies to dictate the response.

What next? Special classes in speccy four-eyes optics, or the racial dynamics of the Chinese burn?

Judges' pay

The judiciary has warned the Government that the proposed constitutional amendment on reducing judges' pay could have serious implications for Ireland's international reputation.

Gavel. Nail. Head. Unless the referendum is passed, Ireland will look very stupid indeed in the eyes of the international commun ity -- but especially in the eyes of those European countries from whom we've been forced to borrow vast sums of money to continue overpaying our judiciary.

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