Monday 18 December 2017

Ireland's Thirtysomethings: No surprise we are 'Breaking Bad' a little bit

Irish thirtysomethings reach for the drugs rather than doing anything as 'old Ireland' as becoming a drunk, writes Donal Lynch

Donal Lynch

Donal Lynch

PERHAPS the least startling revelation of our poll is that Irish thirtysomethings have 'experimented' with hard and soft drugs more than any other age group out there.

Not to say this was a waste of precious INM resources but I could have told them that. If I put a star on the board for every pair of pinned eyes or every furtive licking of upper lips I saw most Saturday nights, we'd reach the 19 per cent of the survey who claim they've dabbled by approximately 11.30pm. And in the interest of thoroughness, we could keep going to catch those who lied. "In Class A veritas", or something like that.

None of this should surprise anyone. Being in your 30s is fraying enough that nobody should be condemned – strictly from a self-abuse point of view – for hitting the illegal pharmaceuticals cabinet. We grew up thinking we'd be ruling the free world by now but the reality has turned out to be a slow, sad trudge of financial terror, job dissatisfaction and grim survival. If drugs are a way of coping, then why wouldn't the generation that probably feels the highest life dissatisfaction reach for them?

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