Sunday 17 December 2017

In praise of men whose goal in life is to give us The Truth

Declan Lynch is proud to belong to a gender which could create something as brilliant as 'Off the Ball'

NO matter how often it happens, it still surprises me. I am listening to the third hour of Off the Ball on Newstalk, with Eoin McDevitt and Ken Early talking about football, when I hear the music.

It's been playing in the background all the time, but because I am concentrating deeply on the fine talk, it hasn't registered with me. Now I realise it's there, this strange rambling jazz-rock music playing in the background as Ken makes some urbane observation about the state of the game.

Apparently it is by Herbie Hancock, this magic mushroom music. And it mightn't work for a lot of the hearty lads who work in sports broadcasting, but it seems to work for the Off the Ball crew.

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