Tuesday 20 February 2018

If you can't get mad at least try to get even as majority counts on FG

Having decided on FF's death, the electorate is now bent on voting in the party that will leave them with the most, writes Jody Corcoran

In time, the historians will tell us that this election was about the death of Fianna Fail. They may be right -- but it is not the full story. If anything, the country has already moved on from that, save throwing a bit of gravel on the grave.

The real story here is being written by the silent majority, a million-plus, mostly in the private sector, filled with fear and pessimism and laced with a quiet anger; the same silent majority which elected Fianna Fail thrice in a row and is wondering where to turn now.

Increasingly, it is turning to Fine Gael, and it is not that difficult to understand why.

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