Wednesday 17 January 2018

If I can help Tom to help Marie, l'll have done the right thing

Philip Nitschke

BLACK humour features big in the Fleming/Curran household. As it goes, the joke between Marie and her carers is for her not to cough on their watch. When Marie coughs, the household stops.

For a person with MS, a cough can be deadly. This is because you can't clear your throat. And, sometimes, when you can't clear your throat you won't be able to breathe. Choking to death is not a joke, but Marie Fleming has no choice but to laugh.

Last month, the Irish Supreme Court turned its back on her and Tom Curran when it ruled that Marie has no constitutional right to die. While she has a right to live, it seems her death is in the hands of God (if there is one) and her god-awful disease.

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