Monday 23 October 2017

'I know my values ... I have done nothing wrong'

Some of what David Norris told him for an interview two weeks ago now seems prophetic, says Joe Jackson

'You definitely dealt with the gay issue in a very good way as far as I am concerned, so that should put that to bed forever for all decent people."

This was part of the email message Senator David Norris sent to me less than two weeks ago, a day after our most recent interview appeared in this newspaper. How ironic his words seem now. Particularly at the end of a week in which the "gay issue" leapt right back up out of bed and, at least according to some commentators, finally killed Norris's bid to become Ireland's next President.

So, has it? That is something only we Irish people, decent or otherwise, can decide for ourselves. All I know right now is that I myself definitely must be marginally less idealistic than David Norris, because despite his expressed hope that our last interview would end the dominant tendency to home in on only the subject of his sexuality, I never believed that this was going to happen.

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