Tuesday 23 April 2019

I do .... ooops, then again I don't

NO STRINGS ATTACHED By Clare Dowling Headline Review, ?12.99 EMMA WALSH As Judy and Barry prepare for their wedding day, stress begins to build and it is not reduced by the lengthy 'list' that seems to threaten them both at every turn with its incessant requests for action.

But being sensible and rational people they both just get on with things and look forward to their big day - or at least Judy does.

Barry, on the other hand, does a runner. He disappears on the morning of the wedding leaving Judy desolate, her parents furious, and 60 hungry relatives in the sitting room eating Indian canapes destined for the reception.

To add insult to injury, his

credit card statement later reveals he is in France, spending money in jewellery shops, designer stores and, most worryingly, a nightclub that may be a strip club.

Adding to the whole sorry situation is Lenny, Barry's best man, who has no idea how to comfort her, apart from the obvious. Couple this with his strong feelings on the pointlessness of marriage and he is not the best company for her.

Living in the same house with a total commitment-phobic like Lenny just after you've been left at the altar is not a recipe for recovery!

So with the so-called love of her life living it up in the French Riviera Judy has to deal with the rejection and the reaction of family and friends while she sorts out her life.

No Strings Attached is a refreshingly funny read, full of telling insight, which is what we expect from this accomplished author.

Clare Dowling writes for the theatre and Fair City, she had three books with Poolbeg and this new one - her best so far - is her debut with a major British publisher.

It could be her breakthrough to the big time.

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