Wednesday 21 February 2018

Hypocrisy is written all over Norris story

This latest controversy shows that consequences for political impropriety apply only to some, writes Eamon Keane

SO WE'LL all sleep better tonight right? The Gay is out of the presidential race. Norris had to be watched. I mean, nine years ago wasn't he promoting the view that young fellas were fair game for oul fellas? That was the subtext of the attacks on him. But Norris never said this. It didn't matter, though, just get him to deny it.

What if we subjected straight men to the same scrutiny about what they think and say? Did you ever hear the crude bar room jokes like, "If they're old enough to bleed, they're old enough to..." that were made about young girls? What about the men who see nothing wrong with watching young girls, some who are victims of trafficking, lap-dancing in night clubs? What about the lads who have sex with such women on the sun holiday? Just where is the line?

Rape, domestic violence and harassment of women continues on a daily basis. Double standards of morality apply, but hey, at least the Gay is out of the presidential race.

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