Monday 23 April 2018

Husband's secret life of sex, lies and prostitutes

He is a Prince of the Celtic Tiger era who made millions. His wife and family enjoyed the lifestyle that resulted and their world seemed perfect. That was until the day she discovered he had been living a double life -- successful businessman, loving husband and father in one world, addicted customer of €500-an-hour prostitutes in another. By the time his wife found out, he had developed relationships with these women beyond the level of sexual commerce. Here the wife writes in moving detail about how she discovered her husband's dirty little secret that would destroy their lives

MY LIFE was a pretty ordinary one. I woke up, prepared packed lunches, dropped kids to school and spent the rest of the day restoring the chaos left behind from the day before. By and large, one day drifted into the next. I had a husband who adored me and two beautiful children. I lived in a nice house, took regular holidays and enjoyed an active social life. I was told that I am attractive and look great for my age, which is 35. From the outside, we were the perfect family. Yes, of course, we had our problems but generally speaking, I would have said that my life was no more or less different from anybody else's.

It's rather strange therefore for me to write these words now. It does not yet feel like I am writing about my life. In fact, I feel like I am writing about something I have read in a Jackie Collins novel about love and betrayal.

You see, a year ago, I found out that my husband was leading a double life. The random discovery of a secret phone led me into a world with which I was not familiar.A world so different to the one of which I was a part. I think that when we are confronted with new information that has the potential to negatively affect our life, we are all drawn to make one of two decisions. Either to ignore it or to discover as much as we can about this new information. Naturally curious, I chose the latter option. Apparently, or so I am told, many women choose to ignore such information and continue living the life they have become accustomed to, possibly afraid of the new life that they will be forced to live.

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