Tuesday 23 October 2018

Hurley and his banker cronies have ruined this country. Fire him now

The Central Bank is playing fast and loose with our lives, our dreams, and our futures, writes Brendan O'Connor

AS A homeowner, in massive negative equity, who knows a lot of other homeowners who are in massive negative equity, I want to know why John Hurley, Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland, has a job. I want to know who the fuck John Hurley thinks he is. He and his Central Bank cronies have made a complete balls of this country. I want John Hurley fired.

John Hurley announced last week that the kind of dramatic and devastating property price falls that we have seen in Ireland over the last year or two were "inevitable". He also said that he expects further falls in house prices this year. "It's anybody's guess where house prices will go in the future," he says.

You can almost picture him throwing his arms up in the air with an idiotic Fr Dougal smile on his face, as if none of it was anything to do with him.

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