Friday 20 April 2018

How Cowell and co are getting it all so wrong this year

We now know X Factor producers wield the power, but judgement day is nigh for Katie, says Andrea Byrne

Unless you've been living in Kazakhstan over the last week, you'll know that The X Factor has been embroiled in quite the controversy, after it was reported that presenter Dermot O' Leary admitted that Cheryl Cole's decision not to vote in the sing-off section of the show had actually been anticipated by the show's producers during the ad break. Cheryl Cole made the decision look so painful.

What 's really grating about the whole debacle is that for the past number of weeks, the judges have been very vocal in their insistence that decisions in the sing-off should be based on actual performances. And though Katie forgot her lines, sang appallingly, slumped to the ground in a defeatist manner and told 17 million viewers to "sod it", she was saved over her opponent who gave a note-perfect performance.

Would it not be better if X Factor bosses were to solely rely on the votes cast by the viewing public and for the judges to have no say whatsoever? Aside from making the show more transparent, it would also make it less of a vanity exercise for the judges.

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