Monday 18 December 2017

How Arnie's American dream was terminated

Maria licks her wounds, and Schwarzenegger's comeback is now likely to be deferred writes Donal Lynch

THERE are those who say, somewhat cruelly, that if anyone knows how to handle a philandering husband it's a Kennedy woman.

From Rose to Jackie, a stoic and graceful ability to turn a blind eye while deftly warding off ambitious skirts would seem to run in these ladies' blue blood. Certainly none of them would ever have dreamed of making a video of themselves in which they plaintively tell the world that it's frightening "not knowing what you are doing next", as Maria Shriver did recently. A daughter of the most storied Irish-American dynasty she may be, but a cheating husband is apparently quite a different matter when it Happens To You.

In fairness to her, even by Kennedy standards, this one is kind of messy. By now, of course, the world knows what she was referring to in that famous YouTube clip.

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