Thursday 14 December 2017

Hope is the Holy Grail of 2012, so we must cherish it

There is plenty to shout about, but we should act now to halt rising taxes and to shrink government, writes Marc Coleman

Marc Coleman

Marc Coleman

ACCORDING to Alexander Pope, it springs eternal. According to Emily Dickinson, it is a thing with feathers. And a Russian saying has it that it is always the last thing to die. But for thousands of emigrants about to leave and small businesses about to close, its well has run truly dry. And as for feathers -- it has been well and truly plucked, stuffed, roasted and devoured and is as dead as the Christmas turkey. I am talking, of course, about the great Holy Grail of 2012: hope.

It feels like we are well and truly plucked, and with two more crises to hit us on top of the eurozone crisis, there will be more dark before the dawn. But there is hope: in fact if there is one country well placed to meet the daunting challenges of a new year, it is Ireland.

Those challenges are twofold. With overvalued property prices and highly indebted regional governments, the Chinese economy today looks like Ireland's at the start of 2007. And that is a problem because China has been a mainstay for export demand from Germany.

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