Monday 19 November 2018

Home alone, the loss of certainty would have been very difficult for this family man to bear

The emotional scars left by the break-up of a marriage can take years to heal, says Jody Corcoran

I did not know Gerry Ryan, not personally, although I lived for a while on the same road and then, for 10 years, on another road in Clontarf in Dublin where he had lived all of his life.

I would have seen him occasionally about the place; at Xtra-vision, usually on Sunday evening when he was dropping back or taking out a DVD, perhaps with one of his children. We never spoke.

He did not look like a celebrity at Xtra-vision. I have a memory of him in a black tracksuit, white socks and brown deck shoes; man, husband, dad, not caring really how he may have appeared to others, comfortable, as he was, in the bosom of his family. That would have been, maybe, seven or eight years ago.

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