Thursday 22 February 2018

Helen Moorhouse: The dignity of Morah's silence speaks volumes in an age of noise

IT'S a coveted thing, this old dignity lark. We all want it -- to live with it, to grow old with it, to die with it. Previous generations put up and shut up and in doing this came across as slightly more dignified than this one. Because we want to talk all the time, don't we? We're all jumping up and down to be heard for fear of being forgotten, or ignored, or simply because someone has said that it will help.

And if it actually does -- if it exposes a wrongdoing or a societal flaw -- then it should be done with vigour and as loudly as possible.

But if all that honesty and 'baring all' is not only of no benefit, but is possibly damaging, then isn't it time to invoke the TMI clause?

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