Monday 19 February 2018

Helen Moorhouse: Already Kate and Wills' baby belongs to the whole world

IT'S the lying that gets to you. The excuses, half-truths, the 'stomach bugs'. Forget bringing a newborn home – it's the secret early days of pregnancy that'll stress you out.

It's always a huge relief, therefore, to get it off your chest, particularly at this time of year. The initial euphoria of discovering a Christmas pregnancy is soon replaced with trauma after tiny trauma as you politely sidestep the smoked salmon, shun the cheeseboard, develop a 'really bad head cold' and endure the carrot-flavoured evil of non-alcoholic beer so that you look like you're drinking alcohol. Because well, if you're not boozing, then you may as well just whip out the positive Clearblue there and then.

Only women made of iron can stick it out before finally caving at the sight of another Baileys and 'fessing up. In some ways, it must be a sigh of relief for Kate and Wills to have made their panicked announcement on Monday afternoon, well before they had intended.

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