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He thought he was invincible but slain drugs boss was marked man

MAEVE SHEEHAN THE grim sight was becoming all too familiar to detectives. Martin Hyland's body lay slumped beneath the covers on a bed in his niece's house in Finglas, west Dublin. His head was a messy pulp of blood, his eyes were disfigured, and his body pumped with bullets.

Downstairs in the hall lay the body of Anthony Campbell, an innocent apprentice plumber who got a bullet to the head because he was an unexpected witness to the gangland assassination. His father had got him a temporary job with a plumber to earn money for Christmas. The killers had waited for Hyland's niece to drop her children to school. They may have seen the older plumber leave the house to get supplies a few minutes later. Campbell, 20, may well have opened the door to them, thinking it was his boss returning. Gardai don't know whether he was shot immediately by the assassin or after the killer had finished with Hyland.

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