Tuesday 20 February 2018

Happy-ever-after unions are divorced from reality

The institution of marriage inevitably stifles the lives of those who enter it , writes Julia Molony

Julia Molony

IT might seem a little joyless to bring up divorce while the whole world is celebrating a royal engagement -- but if recent history has taught us anything at all, it's never to lose ourselves too much in the party that we forget to keep a beady eye on the possibility of a blow-up further down the line.

So while speculation mounts about whether or not the Windsor family will strong-arm Kate Middleton into signing a pre-nup before the whole of Britain is allowed its national holiday, my thoughts have already turned to the possibility that, like roughly 50 per cent of all modern couples, Kate and Will's union might not last forever.

And if it doesn't turn out to be lifelong, they may be pleased to know that there are, these days, endless resources available to guide them through the turmoil of divorce. It's unlikely to have registered on the young couple's radar just yet, but for the rest of us it's worth noting that the influential Huffington Post has just launched a new divorce section, helmed by Nora Ephron. That's right. The writer synonymous with the rom-com, whose rose-tinted imagination brought us When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle, has now turned her attentions to the rich comic seam of splitting up.

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