Sunday 22 April 2018

Happy partnership should be more important than procreation

The return of the marriage of convenience should not be welcomed, writes Julia Molony

Is procreation really the sine qua non of female happiness? One would think so, based on the advice of commentator/author Lori Gottlieb. Gottlieb has just published a book in which she gives voice to the view that women should stop seeking an ideal relationship and settle for one that's simply satisfactory, to avoid the unsightly unpleasantness of ending up at 40 single, hopeless, barren and facing life as a lonely, isolated, childless failure.

Or such, anyway, is the bleak future Gottlieb paints for women whose too-high standards stop them settling for second best.

"I had to show the reality of being single at my age," she explains, "because I used to be like a teenager who thinks he's invulnerable to drunk driving accidents -- it's all in the abstract, something that happens to other people, but would never happen to me. It never occurred to me that I would become another dating casualty. I had to show, in grim detail, the accident that my dating life became so that you could make choices you wouldn't look back on later and regret."

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