Thursday 22 March 2018

Had Gerry heeded coke warnings, he might still be with us today

Joe Jackson revisits conversations he's had with Mark Cagney and other Irish celebrities about their cocaine use

Two weeks ago I set off a media time bomb by revealing that I'd known for more than a decade that Gerry Ryan was using cocaine. In that same article I also said that Gerry, at one point, only half jokingly took me to task for putting into print a quote by Mark Cagney about the drug. But now I believe that if Ryan had taken to heart the coke warning in that quote, he might not have had his fatal heart attack and might still be alive.

Likewise I'd love to believe that even one of the quotes that follows, including Mark Cagney's, from conversations I've had down through the years with Irish celebrities about their use of coke, might make even one person over the holidays think again before using the drug.

Incidentally, it was only when I reread Mark Cagney's coke warning while researching this article, I realised that when Gerry Ryan criticised me for letting Cagney "say all that shit" -- as in what Ryan described as "him saying he wasn't the only name in 2fm who used cocaine" -- I should have retorted, "Actually Gerry, Mark didn't say that!" But this clearly was the inference Ryan took from the quote.

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