Sunday 18 February 2018

Grumpy Morrison should listen up

Liam Fay

Van Morrison's disdain for popular culture is unlikely to be improved by news that his 1967 hit 'Brown Eyed Girl' has achieved 10 million plays on US radio.

Morrison -- the grump who even other grumps find a little too grumpy -- has long scorned the track which he described as "throwaway" and steadfastly refused to play live for years. "I've got about 300 other songs that I think are better," he said recently.

Many musicians grow to hate their signature hits but most manage to maintain at least a semblance of respect for their fans' taste. Given the dreary uniformity of so much of his later work, Morrison's contempt for early releases like 'Brown Eyed Girl' suggests the chips on his shoulders have impeded his hearing.

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