Wednesday 13 December 2017

Greatest threat to the EU comes from its political leaders

CHALLENGE TO BASIC EU PRINCIPLE: French president Nicolas Sarkozy

THE European Union is in a huge amount of trouble, and it's not because of the banking crises or potential failing of the euro; it's because, in the imagination of the people, our leaders are destroying a sublime idea.

As someone who has been an ardent supporter of the EU project for as long as I can remember, my faith is beginning to wane. It's a concept I have always believed in and it's held me in in good stead since I was 18 years old and left Ireland on a personal journey to use my right to travel and live in fellow EU states.

But I have now come to believe that if something drastic isn't done soon, the project will find itself dead in the water. And it's got nothing to do with the banks or the currency, it's got to do with the hearts and minds of the European people.

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