Thursday 14 December 2017

Granite-like Paidi O Se: an All-Ireland hero, rooted in the county of his birth

Gerry O'Regan

'IN Kerry you expect something weird to stand up at any moment beside you on the hills. One day alone in Kerry, away from the roads, on mountains that go down sharply to the sea, and you understand why in lonely places the Irish believe in fairies and things not of this earth.''

The above lines, from a book entitled 'In Search Of Ireland'' by the great British travel writer HV Morton back in 1930, strangely came to mind this week as news of Paidi O Se passing spread like wildfire across the country.

Much has been written and said about Paidi in recent days. But one wonders whether some of the understandably eulogistic tones from his countless friends, acquaintances and admirers, missed the essence of the real man and his battles to chart life's often narrow furrow.

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