Sunday 17 December 2017

Government fails to get basics right

The coalition has been spineless in the face of our insatiable public sector and its colossal wage bill, writes Eamon Delaney

Is this government for real? Honestly. Despite the crisis in the public finances, despite all the promises made under the Croke Park Agreement, which was itself already a fudge, we now hear that thousands of workers at seven commercial semi-state companies are to get pay rises of up to 6 per cent.

Meanwhile, the Government meanly cuts the pay of some of the lowest-paid workers in the private sector, the people in restaurants and shops, the people who are just about keeping our high street economy going, the people who are just about keeping the roof over their heads and holding themselves in a job. This is grossly unfair, and it just gets worse.

While civil servants talk about 'days of privilege' and 'cheque cashing half days', and threaten industrial action, those in the actual economy do not have the right to be paid more for working on a Sunday.

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