Tuesday 20 February 2018

'Good news guy' Enda keeps his hands clean

It's almost as if life would be easier for Fine Gael if it just let Labour and Michael D have the Presidency, writes Brendan O'Connor

AT THIS point, the big question about the presidential election has got to be: does Fine Gael actively not want to win it? Or, more specifically, does Enda Kenny actively not want Fine Gael to win it?

Enda's intervention in the presidential election on Wednesday was a case in point. "I think this is a case of where the people are going to have their say about who they want to represent this country in Aras an Uachtarain," he said. "From that point of view I think that all the candidates have to be upfront with all the electorate and the people, because they want to know -- and they have a right to know -- if they are going to make a decision to cast their votes."

The day after Kenny said that, it was portrayed on the front of The Mail and in other papers that he was "piling the pressure" on David Norris about releasing the infamous letters. Except, of course, that Enda Kenny made no mention of Norris when he talked about candidates being upfront. Nor was he specifically speaking in the context of Norris. He could equally have been talking about Martin McGuinness. We don't really know.

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