Wednesday 17 January 2018

Gluttony: Mandarins dined out on the ‘all you can eat’ buffet of social partnership


There was no absence of examples of gluttony during the Celtic Tiger era but something special attached itself to the alacrity with which the public sector dipped its collective beaks.

The shock and distaste with which that sector, and in particular its higher echelons, guzzled on the glut of stamp duty and slobbered over the social partnership trough is best explained by a throwaway remark of the Tanaiste about how the public sector worker is informed by a 'higher ethic' than we grubby private sector worker types.

Well, during the Tiger era that old 'ethic' of public service was wrapped up by the public sector in a black bin liner weighed down with stones and thrown into the river as the fat mandarins galloped to Bertie's self-service, all you can eat, Social Partnership buffet.

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