Monday 19 March 2018

Get stuffed, Sarkozy, and take your gall with you

Such a punitive interest rate for the IMF bailout is poor reward for Ireland's defence of the eurozone, writes Marc Coleman

Imagine you are a soldier in a battle and take a bullet in the course of fighting. A day later you are visited in hospital by your commanding officer.

"Thanks for taking that bullet, old sport," he says. "By the way -- and awfully sorry about this -- but you're going to have to pay for your own medical treatment."

It's an imperfect comparison for Nicolas Sarkozy's comments about our corporation tax rate last week. But it isn't that far away. "They [the Irish] cannot continue to say 'come and help us' while keeping a tax on company profits that is half that of other countries," he told us on Wednesday. We Irish are benefitting from an EU bailout and should therefore repay Europe by raising our corporation tax rate -- or so he reckons.

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