Friday 16 November 2018

Ganley gets a grilling but anxious Sarko hands Cowen carte blanche

Declan Ganley wants to play with the big boys. In the course of a tumultuous few hours last June, he ceased to be just some bloke in a pinstriped suit shouting about Irish democracy in a strong British accent, and shot to the number one spot on Brussels' Most Wanted list.

Despite the Government giving the evil eye to his organisation Libertas since the Rout of Lisbon, Declan is not the slightest bit daunted. He's a man with a plan -- and a posh new HQ for his shiny new political party.

The Libertas office occupies the seventh floor of a building just a big, sharp, stone's throw from the very Mordor-like tower where the fiendish Lisbon document was forged in the furnaces of bureaucracy. It's an impressive control centre, with burnished gold flagpoles and executive-chic furniture.

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