Monday 19 March 2018

From Valley Girl to wife, mistress, mother and author

Kimberly Quinn escaped from the scandal of her affair by writing a book for children, writes Genevieve Fox

When Kimberly Quinn was growing up as a Valley Girl in LA, she would wake up in her swanky home and look through the window. Sure enough, the trees would be festooned in toilet rolls and messages of adoration would be spelt out on the lawn.

"If you are popular," explains Kimberly, 49, looking every inch the preppy matriarch rather than the frisky socialite she once was, "the boys sneak over to your house at night and they throw the loo rolls all over the house and the trees." But Kimberly, dark-haired, pale-skinned and short, was not popular, and the dedications were not for her, the bow-legged, dippy-eyed bookworm of the family. They were for her sister Jenny, blonde, lithe, cheerleading, drum-majoretting, sequin-bathing-suited Jenny. "She was soooo pretty," says Kimberly. "God! Our house was filled with flowers at all times."

Kimberley's mother, Lugene Solomon, a former Fifties television star who hung out with Natalie Wood and Debbie Reynolds, was a doll, too; to this day, people say how glamorous she is. "People used to ask for her autograph at the grocery store," she says.

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