Sunday 18 March 2018

Freewheeling Boulder fails to rock Republican party

The Colorado city, famed for pot and streakers is no place for a conservative knees-up writes Marian McKeown

TRUMP: Republicans are beginning to despair
TRUMP: Republicans are beginning to despair

Marian McKeown

To mark the end of Halloween every year, as many as 200 upstanding citizens stampede stark naked down Boulder's equivalent of Grafton Street, their heads encased in hollowed out pumpkins which protect their identity, if not their modesty.

It's illegal of course, but no one pays much attention to that. Even the Mayor and the legal establishment failed to support the police chief's attempt to crack down on the tradition by arresting a dozen of the less fleet-footed streakers and slapping them with indecent exposure charges.

Defence lawyers for the 'Pumpkin 12' claimed Boulder was turning into Tehran. The judge appeared to agree and charges against them were dropped or reduced to disorderly conduct.

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