Monday 19 March 2018

Free speech is what protects us from the poison of fascism

If we deny the likes of the BNP the right to speak, we spit on the sacrifices of millions, writes Emer O'Kelly

A man called Nick Griffin believes immigration has gone too far. So he's at one with an awful lot of long-term unemployed young males who are happy to tell radio and TV interviewers that "them immigrant scum have taken the jobs off the likes of us". It seems to be irrelevant that the "likes of them" have never tried to get a job, and have no intention of ever getting one unless they're forced to.

When I hear talk like that from healthy, fit, often dangerous-looking young men, I'm glad we don't as yet have a political party which openly preaches right-wing hatred. Although we do have Sinn Fein, which pretends to a left-wing ideology, but deliberately foments discontent and social subversion and exclusion wherever it can.

Nick Griffin is the chairman of the British National Party; he graduated to it after having been a member of the National Front in his teens. He believes Britain should be for Britons like himself, white, Anglo-Saxon. The BNP is a fascist party, and its followers revel in the description.

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