Tuesday 20 February 2018

Frank Coughlan: Don't mock that morning make-up ritual – it may be the only way someone can face their hellish day

Frank Coughlan

We've all seen it. Some of you actually do it every other day at least. Part of a ritual which is both practical and symbolic at the same time. I've witnessed it on the Dart, buses and planes. Performed with deftness and dexterity in queues and, most inappropriately, by drivers as their cars idle at traffic lights.

I've seen it executed in offices first thing in the morning while desktops hum into life, and sometimes in bars between the ordering of the first drink and its much-anticipated arrival.

It's a female thing, and there's nothing misogynistic or sexist in saying that. It just is. Maybe some men do put on their faces before they set about their various public chores, but it's rarely more than a discreet dab of moisturiser or the careless application of some corrosive aftershave, if even that.

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