Saturday 17 March 2018

Forget VAT, keep an eye on the big picture

Businesses should use the money saved from reduced VAT to create employment, writes Carol Hunt

Attention fellow citizens -- yes, that's you. Did you do your civic duty, as Minister Varadkar ordered last week, and report all local businesses which had failed to immediately implement the VAT reduction? Did you harangue your waitress, shampoo-girl or coffee-server about the 50 cent discrepancy in your bill? Did you then immediately take to the airwaves/Facebook/Twitter or call your local TD to inform on said reprobates for their unpatriotic insubordination?

You didn't? What's that you say? You can't afford to eat in restaurants or get your hair done anymore? You were too busy figuring out how you were going to to pay the latest interest rate decree from Frankfurt's Way? You haven't had any disposable income since December 2008?

Tut, tut, comrade. That's no way to demonstrate your commitment to The Struggle.

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