Monday 19 March 2018

Forget politics, our very survival is at stake here

The sort of politicians we need in this crisis are those who put the country above narrow party interests, writes Brendan O'Connor

ONE thing that the recent crisis in this country has done is separate the men from the boys.

The men are putting the country first; the boys are still putting party political needs first. With one quote recently, Enda Kenny summed up one of the problems that is central not only to Irish politics but to the whole world right now. Rejecting calls for a Tallaght Two, Kenny said: "Listen, I was a member of the Fine Gael party when we had Tallaght. The problem for Fine Gael at that time was that while it was wonderful from a national perspective to support the Tallaght strategy, Fine Gael had no power or influence over it, and suffered at the polls as a consequence."

In other words, Kenny was pointing out, very rationally from the standpoint of a party politician, that what was good for the country was not necessarily good for Fine Gael and that it would make no sense for Fine Gael to do something that might be good for the country but would damage itself.

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