Saturday 24 February 2018

Forget past, I'm scared by Sinn Fein's present policies

A vote for Sinn Fein is a vote for colossal tax hikes, including a new 'wealth' levy, warns Celia Larkin

BAILOUT, support for the banks, support for the economy or just plain back-up money, whatever language you want to put on it, one thing is clear: support from the European Union is crucial to the country and the economy. Crucial. Pivotal. Imperative.

EU membership has been extremely beneficial to us since we joined in the Seventies. Europe is the reason for foreign investment in our country. Pharmaceutical, chemical and ICT companies don't invest here to serve our four million plus population, they invest here because we are part of the Single European Market.

These are companies that provide huge benefit to the areas in which they're situated, excellent PR for Ireland as an industrial base, and good employment to our citizens -- particularly our young graduates. The connection may not be obvious, but both of those realities make Sinn Fein's rise in the opinion polls all the more baffling.

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