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For the year that was in it -- a presidential selection

SUCH was the entertainment provided by this contest that we had to create a subsection to deal with this latest turkey shoot.

Incidentally, we hear Enda now plans to reduce the presidential term to five years. Well, here's a better tip, Enda, have an election every year just before the Budget and that will lift everyone's morale.

The Great Escape Award

Some, including Mr Byrne, would think the winner here should be Gaybo. But, not since Handel's Messiah was first played has Dublin heard louder peals of sound than the laughter of the Brut, when asked in mid-campaign if he regretted not running.

Cranky Old Man Award

Has to go to Martin McGuinness after that rolling around on the turf.

It is hard to believe that the lovely Miriam would have had such an impact on a 'war hero' like Martin, but obviously those SF/IRA types don't like having it put up to 'em.

The Not So Little Boy Crying Award

For an all-too brief period, Pat Cox resembled the boy in the chocolate ad experiencing wonderful sensations of excitement and anticipation.

Then reality struck, leaving Pompous Pat (and Enda too!) looking like the little boy whose ice-cream cone had fallen on to the street. The Chinese Curse Of

Getting What You Want Award

Happy indeed after the triumph of the blue-shirt turnips was Gay 'the invisible man' Mitchell. Sadly, he was swiftly left resembling the boy in the ice-cream ad as voters decided the less they saw of Gay, the more they liked him.

Stitch Up Of The Campaign

SF and a dodgy tweet operating hand in glove. Who could ever have thought it? Sean Gallagher certainly didn't.

Comeback Of The


David Norris -- advised against it and though it was a hair-raising ride, Mr Norris managed to redeem as much pride as any individual who actually finished behind Mr Mitchell could hope for.

Comeuppance Of The Campaign

Mary Davis. 'Nuff said.

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