Friday 15 December 2017

For me, it's love, loyalty and laughter

Can women chose who they fancy, or is it all in the genes? Carol Hunt examines the essence of male sex appeal

So, what makes a man sexy? If I knew the answer to that I'd never have to work again. We choose those we like, but do we really have any control over those we find sexually attractive -- those men who make our eyes sparkle, our lips moisten and our blood pressure rise to dangerous levels? And has it anything to do with love?

Some scientific studies imply that women who have positive relationships with their fathers or grandfathers try to recreate that love with a partner. Other researchers have found that the attraction is all in the "gaze" -- a touch of 'Sally O'Brien and the way she might look at you' -- while some dismiss sexual attraction as a purely chemical phenomenon.

But what is it that makes one man more attractive to women than another?

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